#64 How to present your UX case study (during job interviews)


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A Comprehensive Guide to Presenting Your Case Study Effectively

Hello my UX friends,

Securing your dream UX job often hinges on your ability to effectively present a UX case study during an interview (UX case study presentation).

This isn't merely a display of your skills and experience, but a demonstration of your thought process, problem-solving prowess, and your approach to design challenges.

In this Wednesday issue, we'll explore the art of presenting a UX case study in job interviews, offering practical tips and insights to help you excel in your next UX interview.

Let’s go ⚡️🚀

Understanding the Purpose of Your UX Case Study Presentation

The initial step in preparing your UX case study for an interview is comprehending its purpose.

It's your opportunity to exhibit your:

  • Design process
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Approach to feedback and iteration.

For example, when I presented my case study on the redesign of an HR website, I emphasized how I integrated user feedback into each design iteration.

Choosing the Right UX Case Study

Not all case studies are equal.

Select a project that highlights your strengths, demonstrates your problem-solving abilities, and aligns with the type of work you aspire to do in the future.

If you're applying for a role that requires extensive user research, for instance

Choose a case study that underscores your skills in this area.

Telling a Compelling Story

Your case study should narrate a compelling story.

Begin with the problem you aimed to solve → explain your process → conclude with the results.

Be sure to spotlight any challenges you encountered and how you solved them.

In my case study on developing a mobile app for an international airline, I discussed the challenge of designing for a diverse user base and how I utilized user personas to tackle this issue.

Perfecting Your Presentation: Practice Makes Perfect

Rehearse your presentation until you can articulate your case study confidently and lucidly.

Personally, I rehearsed my presentation numerous times before any interview, focusing on my tone, pace, and body language.

Preparing for UX Case Study Interview Questions: What to Expect

Be prepared to answer questions about your case study, including ones that may seem unexpected.

Interviewers may inquire about your decision-making process, the tools you used, how you handled feedback, and more.

Real-life example: When I interviewed any designer on a UX case study, I usually asked why they chose a particular colour scheme. This was to see if the designer could justify their design decision based on the brand's identity and user preferences.

Showing Your Passion: The Key to UX Design Interview

Finally, let your passion for UX design shine through.

Exhibit enthusiasm for your work and its impact on users and businesses.

Extra tip: Throughout an interview presentation, I always make sure to express my excitement about the potential of UX to improve people's lives (and it worked!).


Here’s how you can master your next UX case study in any job interview step-by-step:

  1. Understand the Purpose of the Case Study
  2. Choose the Right Case Study
  3. Tell a relevant Story
  4. Practice Your Presentation
  5. Prepare for Questions
  6. Show Your Passion

Remember, a well-presented case study can distinguish you from other candidates.

It's your opportunity to show potential employers not just what you can do, but how you think and approach design challenges (especially in UX portfolio case study).

Best of luck with your next UX job interview! ☘️

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Play of the Week Newsletter

Join over 7,000 designers getting actionable frameworks to level up your UX career. Read in 5 minutes or less, weekly. Absolutely free.